Kombucha Sangria

Kombucha is used by many as a health drink for things such as weight loss, but its uses extend far beyond anyone’s expectations.

  It never fails to surprise customers that they can use kombucha in cocktails, like margaritas or sangria. Below, you can find a delicious recipe for sangria using kombucha instead of soda, and while most recipes are pretty rigid, this is definitely up to your preferences and interpretation.

Strawberry Kombucha Sangria

        Serves 4-6 people

  1 bottle of your favorite red wine

  16 ounces of Morning Light strawberry kombucha

  Half cup of orange juice

  2 cups of freshly sliced strawberries

  1 whole orange, sliced

  1 whole lemon, sliced

  Your preferred sweetener, to taste


Fill a large pitcher with ice, and then add red wine, strawberry kombucha, orange juice and sweetener. Stir to mix thoroughly. Top the liquid with the fruit and then refrigerate the mix over to allow the fruit to be infused.

  This recipe can be manipulated to your preferences and for what you have on hand.


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