Why Should I Drink Kombucha?

While some people may be skeptical about incorporating kombucha into their everyday diets, kombucha has a lot of benefits that can do several things from boosting your immune health to detoxing your liver. Kombucha is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are beneficial for the body and your overall health.

Kombucha can counteract liver cell toxicity, which helps detox the body. It can also aid in combating liver diseases. Having more energy is another benefit of adding kombucha to your diet. When the black tea is going through the fermentation process, iron is released. This helps increase levels of blood hemoglobin, and improves oxygen flow to tissues.  Kombucha is also is packed with B-vitamins and some caffeine, which also provides energy.

Kombucha is a natural source of glucosamines, which aid in joint support and joint health. It also can be beneficial in weight loss because it’s a healthy alternative to consuming soda. Including kombucha in your diet can help to improve your mood (it combats depression and anxiety) aid in digestion, improve pancreas function, reduce heart disease risk, and so much more.

Now the real question is, why shouldn’t you drink kombucha?!


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